Eyetracking Web "Usability

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Eyetracking Web "Usability
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Jakob Nielsen, Kara Pernice

Eyetracking is a hot new field in user interface design. What better way to explore this growing field than with master usability expert Jakob Nielsen showing the way? Jakob and his coauthor Kara Pernice train thousands of people each year on Web usability, and in this book they demonstrate what can be learned from users' eye paths over a broad variety of Web designs.

Readers learn how much a user's goal or task influences the way they read and traverse a Web site, which parts of a page users attend to first, how readers react to advertising and design elements that look like ads, where people look first for common page elements and navigation, how they respond to text, pictures, and multimedia, and so much more. With all this data in place, readers come away with practical and effective information about designing their Web sites.